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Sunday, May 08, 2011

Thank U Navneet

There was yet another surprise, rather a pleasant one at that, that came my way last week. The reputed magazine "नवनीत" that is published from Mumbai has also carried a short review of my book. Should I call it a review? So short is the text that one would hesitate to call it a review, but then that could be an academic point of view. More the text more is the score! As for me, I found it encouraging. Bharatiya Vidya Bavan that published the magazine would have applied its own criteria to choose this book for review in its April issue. Thank you Navneet, I'm so happy about the gesture.

एन नन्द की 30 कहानियों को पढ़ते वक्त आपको लगेगा कि असल में ये कहानियां लिखी गयी हैं जान-
बूझकर, बहुत सोच-विचारकर, आपके लिए. चाहे आपकी पसंद कैसी भी हो, इस संग्रह की कोई न कोई कहानी तो आपकी पसंद से वास्ता रखती ही होगी. इनमे प्यार है, नफ़रत है, आक्रोश है, करुणा है, व्यंग्य है, हास्य है... वह सबकुछ है जो आप पढ़ना चाहेंगे .

नवनीत हिंदी डाइजेस्ट
अप्रैल, 2011




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