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Friday, April 01, 2011

In Pics

Here's how we went about releasing "एक साल बाद" ISBN 978-81-906496-8-1 and the pictures are taken by somebody whom I entrusted my camera [Sony Cybershot]. I cannot say that the best snaps could come out of it. The professional who had covered the event with his own camera had not given me the CD yet and I cannot wait till the snaps are handed down to me so that I can choose a few good ones for my blog. I've also a plan to post a couple of video clips but that will be later. So that is that.

On the Dias:-
From L to R Dr Srinivas Udgata, Padmabhusan, poet-writer-translator from Orissa; Dr Mrs Usha Kiran Khan, Maithili Novelist and this year's Sahitya Academy Awardee for Maithili literature; Sanjeev, the acting editor of Hans; Mr Vyas Jee, the novelist and Chief Secretary , Deptt. of Labour, Govt. of Bihar; Me the author and the owner of the blog; Mr M Abdali, the noted Urdu poet and Director Postal Services, Patna

Standing at the back Mr Rajesh Shukla, the Publisher of Vatayan Media

A crowd of listeners who came to make my function a thundering success. I know many of them had come prepared. I was so very impressed as one Mr Rathore from the audience sought permission to speak who was allowed by the chair. He made people listen to him with rapt attention. He had read my earlier book too.

All of them released "एक साल बाद" and made me feel happy about it. Thank you all.

My friends who believe in my ability more than I do: From left to roght, Vyas Jee, Me and Abdali.
A. N. Nanda





Anonymous A. K. Sinha said...

Dear Sir,
It was heartening to see your reaction towards my hitherto nondescript comments on your Hindi works "Virasat" and "Ek saal baad". Though a relatively inexperienced reader (and amateur writer), I was impressed, to say the least. I would let you know soon about the related developments.

It was nice to see the blog updated with the pics of Book Release function. I fancy the idea of being in the "crowd of listeners" next time.

All the best,
Alok K Sinha,
P&T Audit Office, Patna

2:17 AM  
Blogger A_N_Nanda said...

Thanks a ton Alok ji. I love to cock my ears at everything said about my work.

8:06 AM  

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