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I'm a peace-loving married Indian male on the right side of '50 with college-going children, and presently employed under government. Educationally I've a master's degree in History, and another in Computer Application. Besides, I've a post graduate diploma in Management. My published works are:- (1)"In Harness", ISBN 81-8157-183-5, a poetry collections and (2) "The Remix of Orchid", ISBN 978-81-7525-729-0, a short story collections with a foreword by Mr. Ruskin Bond, (3) "Virasat", ISBN 978-81-7525-982-9, again a short story collection but in Hindi, (4) "Ek Saal Baad," ISBN 978-81-906496-8-1, my second Story Collection in Hindi.

Monday, April 14, 2014


Happy Baisakhi to all. Let the new year bring us things to rejoice.
The Silver Stream in the Emerald Valley:Tirthan Valley
The Chiaroscuro: Going down Rohtang Pass to Koksar
Honey for Your Breakfast: Kullu
The Smiling and Sweet Peaks: On way to Manikarn
The Peeping Moon:Soja
And Here Flows the Eternal Spring: Sangla Valley
Making Her Presence Felt: The Spiti River, Kaza
Cooking Made Easy: The Hot Water Stream, Manikarn
The Flow from the Heaven: Lahaul Valley
Height No Bar: A Temple at Haripurdhar
Making the Best out of Snow: Solang Nala, April, 2014
Modern Ghatotkachha about to Show his Biceps: Hadimba Temple, Manali
When Simple Walk would not Do:Run, Run

A N Nanda

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