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Sunday, December 22, 2013

The King Arrives

And then here's a poem, the cedar in white made me chant it: an instant muse, sort of. How to make a day memorable? When the chill in the air affects the reflex, when the spontaneity evaporates in a prosaic terrain, when the flair refuses to be poetic any longer, one can still compose a poem. The commander jumps into the battlefield with a few willing soldiers but wins the battle. Aha! This is my poem I won in my battle against a poetic block.

The King Arrives

Everybody knew it save me
The king would visit the town, a sure thing
Give them goodies: pleasure and love
And they all remained awake
The chilly night all through.

They all knew it all along
The king would visit them in their abodes
And how they cherished for the days to come!
And how they waited for the year long!
Save me, I, the lazy soul.

The wind whistled, the cedar bent
The tin trembled, flickered the lamp
The sylvan rumbling blew the trumpet,
With a coat of gloss, sparkled the slate
And billowed the smoke, the sweet intimate.

The primates went silent—
Look! Just going to happen something great
No gamboling permitted, their leader said
The king will visit our town, in no moments
Oh, all the fools keep quiet.

It was just a parade of clouds, thought I
The harmless elements, the December sky
Huh! The wind was up to its antics ancient
Some drizzle on the cards, at the most
My cell phone said it, the weather update.

And it was time I went under the quilt
The drudgery should end for the moment at least
Everything unsolved shelved for the morning
And why? The world must go to sleep with me
Nothing to bother now; it’s just an old routine.

But came the king, the nocturnal bliss bolstered
There was much to be done, the royal onus
Ordered His majesty, the generous king,
Let all in the town, my beloved subjects
Be given white muslin in return of their love.

Look, look how they all love me
All of them are away from their dreams
And how they all welcome me!
All the souls awake and standing
Let all be given their sparkling muslin.

How pure they are, I’m awestruck
All the lovely souls in my kingdom
I’m just so very overwhelmed—
I’m not just the king of cedars
It’s heaven here and I’m the king of yours.

The day dawned,
The quilt abused all night through
Prayed fervently to be left alone
Peeped I the world, through my frosted window
Leaving it behind, the quilt perfidious.

The worthy king had come by night
The high boughs of cedar wore the white,
Now is the reign of white dreams
The cotton candies, the ice-creams
The sky sprinkling the fluffy things
The king generous, the darling king.
A. N. Nanda



Blogger Teja Nama said...

cool post.. its seem like poetic story.. Enjoyed it though,, Hope also one can find this site interesting abt the real time world concepts about management, education and on more.

6:16 AM  
Blogger Mail Abovei said...

Nice post.. It seems like poetic story.. I enjoyed it well.

Above Interiors

11:57 PM  
Anonymous Sandhya Menon said...

Shimla is such a beautiful place to be. nice pics.

10:56 PM  
Blogger Anant Nanda said...

Thsanx Sandhya. Keep browsing my blog and encouraging me in the process.

1:31 AM  

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