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Thursday, September 05, 2013

A Trip to Remember

It was a ten-day trip. The places covered are Sarahan, Sangla, Rikangpio, Jalori Pass, Soja, Rohtang Pass, Lahaul Valley, Pangi Valley and Sach Pass. There were hills and hilltops that I traversed through, and there were rivers and rivulets, and jungles and waterfalls that came my way. And even there was a jackal that crossed my way to fill up the missing wildlife component in the making of a wholesome touristy experience. It was hectic and tiring but nevertheless it was rewarding. I now know that the hills of Himachal Pradesh have holes in them, the man-made ones to divert the waters of the Satluj and the Beas to harness electricity. I have smelt the sweet and pungent smell of the roadside grass that has different names for different people. I have seen the last village of our country where the grinding machines are run by water of the gurgling streams, not by the hydroelectric power. There are blocks of snow--they call them glaciers--lying yet unmelt but mud-smeared and discoloured in the upstreams of the mountain rivulets even in August. It is an experience to be remembered and recalled, and to be cherished in future, browsing through the random snaps that I clicked as I advanced on the scary roads in the mountains. It was endearing and enough to satisfy the wanderlust if not fully but substantially.
Theog Valley
Apple Tree at Sarahan: Not a Branch Left

The Waterfall: Road to Sangla along Satluj
Sangla Valley
Rikangpio: Hills and Hills and More of Hills
Tirthan Valley
The Misty Cedar Forest: Jalori Peak, 2135 m/10281 ft above msl
The Cascading Stream: Rohtang Pass, 3979 meters/13050 ft above msl
The Bare Hills: Lahaul Valley

Something Soothing amidst Bare Stones: Lahaul Valley
The Lady of Keylong

In the Soft Corners of the Stone: Sach Pass, 4420 m/14500 ft above msl

This was the Road: On the Way to Sach Pass
Passing under a Stream: On the Way to Sach Pass
The Ghost Ground: Sach Pass

Me and My Backdrop: The Ghost Ground of Sach Pass
Finally the Flower Seems to Say Something

A N Nanda

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Blogger NS said...

Dear sir,
The pictures posted in "A Trip to Remember" is so nice to see. I have visited Rohtang Pass and thought that it was the higest but nowfrom your article Sach Pass, 4420 m/14500 ft above msl is still high I astonished. In the last village of our country grinding machines are being run by water current is seems to be wonderful.Sir,if photoes are available please publish.thanks for nice post=
== N. subramanian @ Delhi

10:30 AM  
Blogger Anant Nanda said...

Thanks, NS, for repeating your visit to my blog. Oh yes, I also think of uploading the movie clip of Garhat, the grinding machine I found in Chhitkul, the last village before the Indo-Chinese border.

10:58 AM  

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