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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Good Morning

Shimla snowed again. As a fellow from the coastal region of the country I knew if it is hot and sultry, it is a sure sign of rain coming any moment. Here at Shimla I came to know if it's cold and biting, make no mistake, there's snow coming. It was really cold for the last few days. So, different places impart different wisdom. And funnily it snows in Shimla only on the weekends, if it has to snow at all. See, it was 22nd December last when it snowed over the weekend.

G o o d  M o r n i n g
Into the morning, still snowing copiously

Shimla—the silent, the somnolent, the serene

A night of quiet action amidst the sibilant whispers

Now look yonder, you’ve so much to share.

White souvenirs and the oodles of them

Forget me not, here’s what you wanted

The pure thing, the heavens-fresh and the homemade

The hard-earned, from my own coffer, so very spotless.

Not hazy: the texture is fuzzy though, dreamily intimate

The morning has arrived here with a coat of freshness

Hurrah! It’s a surprise holiday, declared by the heavens

Ergo, darling, snooze for an hour more, permission granted.

Not all is languid, not all prone to snore

Look! How ready are the boughs with extra loads!

With sang-froid, smart and crisp, and little grumbling

Content with their windfalls and all enjoying.

 The mongrel runs aimless, quiet and queer

And quiet has gone the sparrow deep inside its niche

The tea steams and tinkles and tweets so sweet

Good morning, darling, get up deferring your dream.
A N Nanda



Anonymous Rajeshwari said...

Respected Sir, Great poetry! Your pen has done justice to the white scenic beauty clad in snow and the camera has caught the most beautiful moments thus making them everlasting. sir, you seem to be playing with words--Hazy, fuzzy snow, ...steaming, tinkling and tweeting tea! Really ,wonderful ! Sir, may be you enjoy writing stories,but you are undoubtedly a born poet at heart!
with regards!

12:25 AM  
Blogger Anant Nanda said...

Thank you, Rajeshwari. I feel encouraged.

2:00 AM  

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