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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Pic n Sing

I know there are painters who base their works on photographs and then add other artistic elements to them just to make them look like paintings. With the advent of digital photography they have found the job easier, for it affords them the chance to do some kind of prior assessment of what the painting would look like after being applied the artistic strokes. Somewhat comparable to that, this post is based on photographs followed by instant stanzas, something that has chosen rhyming structure for the fun of it. Should I say it is cross-genre?
Pic N Sing

Hillock on the way to Salem

A hill between the green and the blue
Here you're, there's something hidden for you
Go and pick up before others come to know
It'll sell for a million, just take it for a clue.

Bull-backed Hill: On the Way to Salem

A bull for ages goes fooling around
Blithely chosen to squat the middle of the road
To chew the cud and never ever to move
It's Nandi the public bull, the darling of god.

The Cauvery: A view from the Bridge at Bhavani

Oh the Cauvery, no need to say sorry
If a hillock comes your way just like this
What better can you do to make it happy
Just take it with you to the middle of the sea.

While Returning from Ooty: Before the Final Curve

The cloud is angry, rumbling in its celestial abode
Eyes covered in specs and so darkness around
It may burst now or it may do that at night
Let's go back home and let others do the fight.

Nilgiri Mountain Railway

The train trundles out of the story teller's town
Cheer up and say it bye and go back your home
It'll come back for sure and it'll come back soon
With stories and fables and dreams a wagonful.

The Tunnel: Nilgiri Mountain Rail
Chook-chook train now enters the tunnel
A dark dingy hole in the demon's trail
It's cool but smells so foul of charcoal and smoke
Holler a while and pinch ur neighbour n nobody will know.

Amaravati Reservoir

A pond of water with hills around
I'm fond of fishing and I'll catch a few
Something to fry and something to roast
Go away rain you the spoilsport.

On the Way to Amaravati

I'm the demon king my hands are big
Go, go away the clouds if you wish to live
It's my time to play and I play alone
No, don't loiter here, you're only blocking my view.

A. N. Nanda

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