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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Poems by a Fluke - II


I sometimes visit Aparna Ray’s blog Newsmericks. It’s a blog that specialises in composing news stories as limericks that are funny, readable and at the same time full of sparks of poetic profundity. I’m not very much qualified to comment on this particular poetic form, for I just understand limericks as something composed in five lines. About metres, well, I don’t think it is something I’ve taken care to learn in my high school days. Nonetheless, whenever I dropped by Aparna’s blog, I had felt I should leave a comment in the shape of a limerick. All these comments have gone unresponded, maybe they have gone off at a tangent.

The portal has listed me along with Aparna Ray and Shobha De and 19 others as the best Indian bloggers under Writers-Authors-Critics-Poets-Literature category. That is why I find many of the visitors to my blog come through the above-mentioned link. Be that as it may, I have found the web page quite useful to connect to some quality links.

I thought I should compile all my poetic comments that I have recorded on Aparna’s blog. These comments are instant poetry or as I call them poems by fluke. Without belabouring the point let me proceed. I will quote extensively from Newsmericks and hope Aparna will not mind.


From Newsmericks:

(News item India: Youth slaps minister over price rise & corruption)

The Pawar Slap that Resonated

There once lived a young Indian chap,

Whose nerves, one November, went 'snap'.

The outcome? As hitter,

He trended on Twitter;

The talk of town -- His Pawar slap!

My poetic comment:

Prices rise n rises rage

Palm itches n stretches hand;

Everything's drear but news's free

Hitting hard but where's the cheek?

Lo, things in pocket n money in bag.


From Newsmericks:

(Indian Express 13/06/2011: Mahatma Gandhi's spectacles go missing from the Sevagram Ashram.)

On Why Gandhiji Needs His Glasses

An UPA leader praying at Rajghat:

"Dear Gandhiji, see how your masses

Are up in arms, fighting the brasses

This business of fasting,

(Which you started) is casting

More trouble in our paths as time passes".

And Gandhiji replied:
"I must admit, even as we speak,

That I can't see a thing - vision's weak.

Let me go get my glasses,

While you sit and count grasses—

And fast - it's real good for physique!"

My Comment:

Only his specs, Gandhi's lost
Now his stick should remain intact
The poor old soul in heaven
Has to move years on end
To find his goat that lost its track!


From Newsmericks:

(Scientists now claim that yawing is not only a sign of sleepiness but could also be a sign of sexual attraction. Unfortunately, they are not yet able to differentiate between a yawn that signifies erotic arousal and simply the need to catch some sleep.)

Yawning Desires

There once lived a young guy named Shaun,
Who met a young lady, was drawn,
His hormones a-swell,
To ring her door bell,
She answered, he let out a yawn.

"You poor little darling", she said,
Then took his hand and gently led
The chap down the hall;
With no qualms at all,
She undressed and put him to bed.

She turned off the lights, "I'll be scoring".
He told himself, his heart a-soaring .
Then she turned around
And guess what she found?
Him fast asleep, happily snoring!

My Poetic Comment:

Love can come in any way
A yawn is the easiest for a guy
A girl may yawn, but only for fun
Give me my due or else I run
Miss a kiss, if it's thrown so high.


From Newsmericks:

(Well everyone has had something to say about it. We have dissected it, debated it, explored the motives behind it and almost dug up Mr. Nobel himself to ask what he would have thought about it. In the midst of all this, our intrepid Inkspot appears to have dug into the recipient's heart and come up with the 'true story' of this year's Nobel Peace Prize. Enjoy!)

Obama’s Nobel

Asked Inkspot, "Obama, pray tell
what made them give you the Nobel?"
Said the President, "Old boy,
Can't you see it's a ploy
To vanquish my peace, give me hell?"

My Poetic Comment:

Obama, Obama, dear Obama
Would you care for a better balm
People have their right to joke
Don't fuss it, just ask for more
All's in order for a change n drama!


From Newsmericks:

(TOI 16/08/09: Sikh priest films woman taking bath.)

In matters of Religion, Sometimes the path leads to bath

"Religion", said Santa, forlorn,
"These days is of Godliness shorn.
So priests spend their hours,
Filming ladies in showers,
And, believe it or not, watching porn!"

My Poetic Comment

Oha! If only Krishna were alive
He'd have a camcorder with him
High on the bough with gopis in the pond
He'd click them live without a sound
We all follow the god in letter n spirit!



A. N. Nanda






Blogger Aparna Ray said...


It's great to see all your responses in one place.

Inkspot may not have replied to all of your comments on the blog, but rest assured, the Chief has read each of them :-)


10:29 AM  
Blogger A_N_Nanda said...

Should I be happy or shouldn't I be that "the Chief has read each of them"?
Thanks both for you n for your Chief?

A N Nanda

9:30 PM  

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