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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Smile a While

This is the poem I wrote for my poetry collections "In Harness" and that was some eight years ago. Sometime back I revisited it to cull some of its stanzas for my new book "The Roadshow" and so it is poised to reappear in its revised form in my forthcoming book. This book is going to be a fiction and to patch a poetic fragment into a work of prose makes an interesting stylistic digression. It will appear in the end of a chapter to present a denouement that is expected to accentuate the element of pathos in it. It is the first love poem of the protagonist, something he writes to present his ladylove but fails to do that. Normally prose written with poetic flair makes it immensely readable, and poetry sprinkled amidst prose blends sense with style. At least I've tried to produce something of that sort. Now, here's a sneak peek.

The sweet girl, the intimate

Smile for my sake

And smile once again…

When you smile

Lightening flashes, jovial

Snow melts and cherry blossoms

Lily wakes up from slumber

The moon peeps behind the floating clouds…

When you smile

Moments of dullness cheer up

All by themselves,

Worries melt like sweet ice creams

And monotony evaporates,

Fatigue of years but drifts away

Into the sky of inconsequence,

Wishes jump unruly in all directions

Like those charged, mischievous popcorns…

I hear you humming

Like the tinkling of a wind chime;

You flood my senses

In fun and frolic;

Just a glimpse of yours is enough

To make me feel the warmth

And long to gaze at you

For aeons on end...

Your moist lips speak

Myriad of yearnings in silence,

Your fleeting winks convey

Plenty of mischievous suggestions;

I understand them, but

In my own frivolous way

Beyond the limits of deadly commonsense...

Millie, the bounteous!

You enriched me with your love

True, you’ve the world before you to soothe

Yet smile a while for my sake!

And smile a while for my sake!

A. N. Nanda

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Anonymous Devaraj said...

The book ' Road Show' will be a nice and famous one. Kindly intimate the release date of the book to the market... Very nice poetry... and very interesting...Devaraj

3:22 AM  
Blogger A_N_Nanda said...

Thanks, Devraj, for dropping by this site. I'm serious 'bout "The Roadshow" and as for its release, you have to wait. This much I can say, I'm struggling at the moment.

A N Nanda

9:17 AM  
Blogger padmalayaa7 said...

Very nice Sir! I was not in favour of reading poetry prior to this because the feeling of the poet never touched mine.I didnt get that specifically which the poet wanted to communicate. So I was doing well with the prose section. But for the first time Sir, I started reading your poetry by seeing its name and the effect was remarkable. I have started understanding poetry now!!!!!

7:41 AM  
Blogger A_N_Nanda said...

Reading poetry demands a special kind of preparation. One should be prepared to reach the feeling and reaching there just by catching the meaning of words is perhaps not the only way. You have rhymes, similes,contrast, and the tone. Have you not marked many of the nursery rhymes: how interesting they are, even without conveying much of sense!

Thanks Padma.

A N Nanda

10:20 PM  
Blogger Abhiramavalli said...

Dear Sir,

The above sweet poetry of yours really made me smile spontaneously, for face is the sun to me and my smile is the sunshine I can provide to everyone........

Please keep on going with such smiling works.........this will really create wonders........

Eagerly awaiting to get n touch with more such beautiful poems........

Smile costs nothing, but takes us miles and miles towards kindness and happiness in our life's unpredictable journey..........

With regards,

N.Abhiramavalli, Sorting Compiler, O/o PMG, WR, Coimbatore - 641002

2:26 AM  

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