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Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Snap n Sing

Something to snap and sing:

Rocky Rhymes

The distant snow, the white under the blue sky
The end of the green, the rendezvous of stars
The rock undulating rhyming the song of joy
The cloud's gone for ever, just say a loud wow!

Dusk, Dream n Dark

Here is the charming body of the sky
Seen through the holes of the cloud attire
Lo and behold, the shining sequins terrible
Its velvety gown is torn to shreds.
The Rainbow

Today through the window  of my kitchen
Something big and bright is seen,
All of a sudden the rain has come to halt 
For a vividly valid reason,
Now is there bodily and now gone forever
It's master of its whims,
Soon will resume the rain and it's end of the game
Come running home and come back now.

The Sunny Ecstasy: The Ridge

There's nothing to fear now, the day is for you,
The sun is guarding the sky
Run and gambol, eat and drink, ride and hide
Until you've not spent your lovely little pie
The Ridge--it's not a place for the lazy
Even the old monkey is hyperactive
The clouds gone to the plains, for something urgent
It's just sunny for a fortnight.
Fined and Prohibited
Teacher! Teacher! What sort of English I saw
Right there you should go now,
Leaving us alone for our game
The poor little painter knows little of grammar
But remember,
He'll pay no fee of yours
And it'll just be pro bono.
The Fluffy Cloud

This is a big cone of ice-cream
Not of butter-scotch, nor of vanilla 
But just a scoop of strawberry
Ah! The blue sky is greedy 
And for ages ravenously hungry
It'll lick the cone in minutes
Unless hidden somewhere behind.
The History of Happiness: Shimla Agreement

History has happiness hidden in it
It depends on what we learn
Let peace n freedom prevail for ever
My prayer is for the subcontinent.
Make Hay When the Sun Shines

The valley I see before me has a value attached to it
Not in its cedars--they don't resurrect once they die
But in its verdant grass growing year after year
The food of the quadrupeds that live for others.
Good! Humans eat apples but not grass
A blade of grass has life greater than the cedars'.
The Self-image

An idle fellow looks at the mirror
Who says it--A mirror is not a liar?
It can pamper a lot, it can mislead till last
It just tells the beholder
Aha! You're the best.
A N Nanda

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