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Monday, April 01, 2013

Let Live

The Moon, The Monkey God and The Mall

Let Live

Doubt baffles us,
Common sense concedes
a dignified defeat,
Reasons demand
their essential refinements,
Groping for clues in outmoded scriptures
leads us nowhere.

How to define truth,
We are always advised against
tampering it for an extra exactness,
If we insist, we would reach
the door of wisdom unwittingly
where from nobody returns
unaffected, safe and sane.

All that enables survival is the truth--
It is as simple as that
Right to live is a paradox,
Let others live with us
as long as we do not need them for our living,
Or let them kill us, eat us and then
live as long as they can,
It is a long drawn contest
Success of one is guaranteed.

And we all go at the end
floundering our way through
the winding course of oblivion.

Winning is surviving
And a winner tells the truth,
A loser is a liar
He has only excuses to offer,
We react with sympathy if
 we can’t just reject it.


AN Nanda



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