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Thursday, July 12, 2012

About The Remix...


Despite a lot of effort "The Remix of Orchid" could not get a respectable publisher for it. So ultimately it became certain that the opus would reach its readers as a self-published work. And I had to take charge of everything: its page-setting, its cover design, its release in the hands of the Governor of Orissa...and even its distribution and promotion. Yes, a promotion effort was necessary because my hard-earned money was invested and I was encouraging myself to trust me that the book would sell. A writer cannot be a businessman--its true but to an extent only. What all I did to promote the book could be an amusing account in retrospect and sometimes even demeaning. There are people who are yet to give me my money and in time I too have forgotten them. Here is a piece of SNEAK-PEAK I had drafted. As I read it, I find sufficient evidence of my labour hidden in its text.

he pristine islands of the Andamans where time dawdles at will, where tomorrows are so unexcitingly predictable, can yield no story…can fashion no twist interesting enough to remember and recount. It is just a place where all the tales blithely perorate: “And they lived happily ever after”. Here, peace and tranquility is the theme; existence but not excellence is the pursuit.

So, where does lie the story in “The Remix of Orchid”?

Yes, there is something interesting and adorable, here in these islands, in the dreamy depth of the emerald waters of the Bay of Bengal: the entire archipelago abounds in storyware. Or else how does a crustacean crawl up to the ample bosom of a well-endowed lady calmly asleep in her perfect privacy? How does a letterbox get animated and waddle its way to frighten a fellow who had just strayed out of his marriage? How does a writer discover that what he has written are on the dictates of his daemon? How does a novice team goes gung-ho to earn a hockey gold cup just in a matter of a few months?

Ghost, crustacean, cow, letterbox, a child going adrift, a dog trying an honourable end of his life of neglect, a sex slave getting her life of honour back—everything makes living dramatic and action-packed. Suspense, drama, pathos, hope, adventure—you name them and “The Remix…” gives them through its page-turners.

And you have the narratives to marvel:

            Then she started her story. She was slow and she was sweet. She was rhythmic, and she was poignant. She was warm, exciting, and lively; she was everything that I wanted. Oh, she was life in herself. I was the protagonist and she assumed herself the role of that Nicobari girl. She took me along the farthest she could venture. She showed me everything she had-her glowing buttery skin, her hourglass perfect body, all her hidden beauty spots, all those special spots of must-visit where her skin was the thinnest of thin, where I could feel her warm blood flowing like sylvan rivulets...     

And now the seduction:

   ….. Her loose housecoat got further loosened at its V-neck and opened an inviting window into her cleavage. Nitish was able to inspect them all-the shining areolar circles on her shapely breasts were enticingly distinct; their summits set temptingly well on that voluptuous setting. He came attracted slowly by inches till the gap between the two enamoured souls disappeared and warmth emanating from them filled the love nest. She had no further space to shift and revert to her courteous distance, nor had any distance to cover to appear in touching proximity; she had reached where she wished, just by sidling into the cherished realm of whisper and silence. Her world shrank into the smooth arms of Nitish and she felt she should demand no better. Willingly, her eyes closed, she plunged herself into the assuring pool of ecstasy in no moments.
And what about the macabre…

     The force that jangled everything was enough to liberate the iron doors. Thereafter it was all bang and clank, hazardous and horrendous. A closed door refused to open and an open one refused to shut, and anybody trying to go against its demonic caprice was to pay a price. And it was a heavy price at that!

                So, the stories collected here make the first-ever opus on the islands. Here you are—suspense, drama, pathos and adventure, romance, comedy and many more—a true page-turner on your shelf. How about blurbs, one for each such immensely readable objects at your reading stack? Read on…



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