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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

All My Tomorrows

Poetry has to draw a lot from philosophy, but then essentially it is one's feelings concentrated. Serving too much of philosophy in poetry is like forcing a beautiful woman to wear loads of ornaments that do not enhance her beauty but distort it. I know this, yet a poem such as this had once flowed out of me.

All My Tomorrows

Future, a condensed mass of possibilities
Tomorrows stacked upon
the tangled bed of chances
Events trickle, clocks tick,
Loves sprout, and lives dawdle
Step by step, nanoseconds.

The repetition cycle
called the future, the self-propelled
rhyming like a meaningless metred verse,
It has one for everyone
measured to be meted out
by turn or on demand.

Who says it is all surprises,
unthinkable that defies prediction?
Is death an unpredictable phenomenon?
Those that baffle are the uncountable trivials
Of giving and gaining, and losing or leaving
Repeated for a billionth over.

Future, the abode of hopes
A receptacle that holds today’s wants sidestepped
frustrations sweet-coated and vendetta carried forward,
It is elusive like dreams and dreamy like illusions.

So, the future is here for everyone
It’s here to end the tyranny called the present.
A N Nanda



Blogger NS said...

Dear Sir
Future is hope as well as dream.
“Who says it is all surprises,
unthinkable that defies prediction?
Is death an unpredictable phenomenon?”
The above lines are splendid.

In your earlier article it is quoted that
“ Every sinner will have a future and every saint had a past” is now come to my remembrance .
The thoughts evoke remembrance is the unique capacity of a successful writer.
Thank you very much for giving you a mind catching poetry in your blog


3:59 AM  
Blogger A_N_Nanda said...

Thank you NS. A little philosophy and a lot of right words can create impact. Many poets have made names in this manner.

12:13 PM  

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