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Monday, February 21, 2011

A Quick Post

Everybody expects--and it is resonably so--that a good fellow should always come home with good news. Especially if he is absent for long, he should have a really good reason for that. So, as I come back to my blog, I should have something good to share. Lo, here you are--my book is getting released!
On 25-2-2011, Friday, "एक साल बाद", my second Hindi story collections will be released at Patna. The venue will be the auditorioum of Bihar Industries Association, Sinha Library Road, the same place where my first Hindi book "विरासत" was released in May 2009. Mr Sanjeev, the acting editor of "Hans" will release it. Special guest will be the eminet Hindi-Oriya writer-translator, Padmashree Dr Shrinivas Udgata, Vidyavachaspati. Other guests of honour will be Dr. Smt. Usha Kiran Khan, this year's Sahitya Academy awardee for Maithilee literature; eminent Hindi poet Mr Arun Kamal, the winner of Sahitya Academy Award for Hindi, 1998; the famous novelist Mr. Vyas Jee, IAS; Urdu poet of international repute Mr M Abdali.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I know release of a book is just a symbolic event and books copiously praised in their release functions sometimes fail to garner the recognition they expect out of that. Whereas a book with intrinsic worth always stands out on its own, irrespective of the fact that it has not been launched properly. But then again, this symbolic gestures are a must, more so if the writer is a newbie like me. Honestly, at this stage, my minimum expectation is that the function goes on smoothly.

For the present I should stop here. I'll come up with details as soon as possible--asap.
A N Nanda