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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Thirsty Gods

I never knew it while posting "In Favour of Mobile Phones" on August 20, 2006 that the reference to an old episode of lord Ganesh's drinking milk could be so coincidental. Lo and behold, the news is here, just two days after my bringing up the topic in my blog. This time lord Ganesh is not alone; other gods and goddesses have joined him.

Then comes the usual arguments: is it a science or a miracle?

Here's a link that narrates how an unbeliever turns a believer, seeing everything enacted to a challenge, under the focus of television cameras.

Milk sells drearer, at Rs. 30 per litre. People skip their morning necessity: a steaming cup of tea--no milk no tea. Newspapers go on to report that with puns and wits: "Milk for Deities, Not for Locals". Here's a link. The avalanche is comparable to the one that came in 1995. Here's is a link to refresh that.

Essential humour is not lost even this occasion, but there have been reports and reports and more reports. How it spread from north to south and from west to east, a newspaper updates it in detail, comparing this miracle with that of the waters of the Arabian Sea going sweet.

Now is the turn of scientists. They have come up with their scientific explanations: the theory of capillary action is at work. Very much like the ones they offered in 1995. But then who would believe that? Those who have not gone to school or gone and come back finding science too difficult a subject to pursue?

This frenzy can only be countered by light-hearted treatment. I got something interesting to read about in this link. Really, "no one wants to be a non-believer"!

But at the end of the day I would cast my vote in favour of a scientific explanation. Yes, after I had taken my quota of laughter from this episode.
A. N. Nanda


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