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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Emily: A poem to present

I left my last post with a promise to come back with a poem from my already published work "In Harness". Here is a poem I wrote when I was in Bangkok in April 2003. I consider it a love poem and my readers have mostly agreed with me. The girl for whom I wrote it came to know about it when there was time enough to say goodbye. And then a surge of emotion swept over her. 'Nanda, I couldn't know you loved me so much,' she came and hugged me with tears in her eyes. That is quite a memory. Now I do not have her address or else I could have sent her a copy of "In Harness" in return of the creative impulse she so graciously filled in me.

Oh, how can I say I am not bragging?


E m i l y

By A. N. Nanda
["In Harness", page-50, 2004]
* * * *
The sweet girl, the intimate
Smile for my sake
And smile once again…

When you smile
Lightening flashes, jovial
Snow melts and cherry blossoms
Lily wakes up from slumber
The moon peeps behind the floating clouds…

When you smile
Every dull moment cheers up itself
Worries melt like sweet ice creams,
Monotony evaporates
Into the sky of inconsequence,
Wishes jump unruly in every direction
Like the charged, mischievous popcorns…

I hear you humming
Like the tinkles of wind chime;
You flood my senses
In fun and frolic;
As I get your glimpse
I feel your glorious warmth
And long to gawp at you
Again and again
And yet again.

Your moist lips speak
Myriad of themes in silence,
Your expressive winks convey
Plenty of mischievous suggestions;
I understand them
In my own frivolous way
Beyond the limits of deadly commonsense.

Emily, the girl with her sweet presence
I love to say, again and again

Bangkok / 11-04-‘03
**Means “I love you” in Korean language.



Blogger Amrit said...

Hello Mr. Nanda.

I wanted to send you an email but couldn't locate your email ID. I'm Amrit and you visited my blog -- -- and just wanted to thank you for leaving a comment. I came to your blog and read your beautiful poem. I really enjoyed it.


9:00 AM  

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