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Sunday, August 06, 2006

A Halt For Humour

By now I’ve copied and pasted enough from my old book. I know monotony has already crept in. So I should remedy this by posting some goodies. Here goes my recipe of jokes, my original ones. Hope they’re up to a standard.

1. With your knowledge of English, you can solve an engineering problem:
If you want to construct it strong, then insert another 'l' and make a pillar stand. It will definitely be stronger than a 'pilar'.

2. Question: When a English ghost meets a Hindustani genie, how will they talk to each other?
Answer: Obviously, in Hinglish.

3. The word pregnant means 'carrying a baby'. See how a journalist uses the word:
The house was ablaze. Everyone was running helter skelter. The baby surrounded by the fierce fire was crying bitterly. The fireman rushed into the fire and came pregnant.

4. I know there is only one inanimate feminine object in English:
The ship will go on her first sail.
I don't know if she is married or a spinster.

5. Q: What is the difference between a doctor and a teacher?

A: A doctor prescribes whereas a teacher describes.
A. N. Nanda

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Blogger padmalayaa7 said...

Respected Sir! I got a number of new articles came up when I was absent due to illness. Unless and until I finish reading them, I wont get solace of mind. This part is nice like other segments. The first one is something which took 1 minute to think and decide what it means. The third one could not stop me from laughing. Your articles are a boost for my energy.

9:24 AM  
Blogger A_N_Nanda said...

Thank you Padmalaya sustaining your interest in my blog. I'm happy to see you digging so deep into my archives and making me revisit this for my response.
A N Nanda

12:33 PM  

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