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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Future: The Biggest Killer

It's good to ramble. Yes, it's better to be flippant than to be dull. Maybe this will help me produce content for my blog. Quality content through rambling? Could be possible. Sometimes smalltalks are more absorbing than topical discourses...

Is knowing the future essential? Agreed, it is a lot of thrill to know things in advance when none else can achieve the feat. It's like spotting the first bud of rose before anybody around can…it's like peeping at a beautiful girl from a position she cannot spot you; nay it's like hiding oneself away from the track while the tiger approaches…

Aren't we all making a history of the present going all the way to future? Aren't all these preparations for achieving this small act?

A simple question often bothers me: Are all these good things that have happened to me the result of my efforts? No, not always. In fact, the real thrill comes out of the suddenness and inexplicability of the cause and effect, or the disconnectedness of the efforts and result. Similarly, do I really deserve all the frustrations and agonies that befall me off and on?

If god does everything, he is the same god who resides in the heart of a thief while he goes on thieving. Then why does the thief go to jail for something he has not done? A great soul has explained the dilemma. It is god who thieves, and having committed the theft, he alone goes to jail. The thief neither thieves nor goes to jail. The question still remains: Why should god do both the crime and the expiation? So perorates the great soul--it's god's way of showing the world that punishment follows a crime. Aha! Here is a brilliant piece of logic…a seamless resolution of the doubt!

At the end of the day, everybody knows his or her future, the ultimate future. Who does not know that one day he or she has to die? It's as simple as that!

Does it mean that nobody wants to know the future and that everyone is interested to know the process of reaching there?

While I try to be sure of future, I essentially try to sustain my present. Let time pass but not those things(?) that define time, say age, freshness, relevance…. While I want to know about future what I really desire is to carry everything of the present into the future, intact and encapsulated, and scout there for things that I miss now. The hassles that I have been successful in avoiding at present should not be allowed to happen in future. This is how I try to see my future, all to suit me. It's like saying, "Let me not grow old; let my children grow to adulthood." How is that possible?

Between the present and the future, there is always a bridge, and the bridge is made of elements like savings, commitment, gratitude, action, hope. But none of these elements is foolproof; everything suffers loss in its transmission from the present to the future. Inflation eats away savings; commitments get repudiated; gratitude is forgotten; actions fizzle out; hopes get belied….

So, I don't need the future; I don't want to die. My present is all that I'm made of. The future kills the present; it has killed the past. It's a killer, the biggest one in the universe.

A. N. Nanda



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