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Sunday, April 13, 2008


My last post was quite unlike a blogpost; it was rather long-winded and bookish type. Now to break the monotony, let me have a poem here. This one I wrote almost two years ago and it was lying in my buffer for an honourable disposal. I've no plan of coming up with another collection of poems so soon and I cannot wait with my muse indefinitely. So, my blog is the right place for this. Or what do you think?

A camel can't do it otherwise...

Dreary desert, the waterless
It has to live for years ahead
How can it draw water
From the dizzy depth of a desert well?

Can't it go elsewhere
Leaving its land inconvenient?
A life of drudgery and dependence
Can't it save its last cells?

Life to exist, and not to excel
Lingering on as long as one can
Breathing stale the noxious discards
All its tomorrows will be no different.

How to live the present
And regret the past?
How to welcome the future
That bears no consequence?

The sun doesn't know
It'll grow old very soon
But it goes down the horizon
Moment by moment.

The camel lives to die
The sun comes to go down
It's just the routine
Written for blind enactment.

A camel can't do it otherwise...

A. N. Nanda



Blogger Melyong said...

"How to live the present
And regret the past?
How to welcome the future
That bears no consequence?"

Hey Uncle, I love this part the most.
Its Ironic how the human life works.

Here is what I've got in mind.

The physical living is very alive in present,
The soulful part is still lingering in the past,
Holding on so tightly to what was gone,
Pushing what's in front to live behind...

Always in the risk counter, busy as a bee,
Putting all that's coming through a sifter,
A smart move but a foolish act,
As what's to come will creep through the nets...
Filtering is not altering.


5:36 AM  
Blogger A_N_Nanda said...

Wow, Melly dear! I'm flattered to be so richly annotated. Keep it up. Poetry is in your vein and it's so very transparent.

12:42 AM  

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